Statement of Faith and Mission...Continued

We Seek to help build the kingdom of God on earth by; using our unique gifts to minister to one another, welcoming all and caring for those in need, teaching our faith to others, and united in worship as a family with the body of Christ. 


The Church of the Rock was established on Sunday April 23rd 2000, to offer a place of safe harbor to seek God and Christ without judgment of anyone’s past trials, propensity, choices or tribulations. 


To open doorways of understanding of the Holy Scriptures/Holy Bible.  Also to seek healing and insights of the spiritual self and the souls connection to God.  With complete understanding that the Holy Texts are offered not only in the King James translations but also the Hebrew and other translations.


We also believe that God’s truth can be brought forth through other means, such as other holy writings not found in the current canon/regulation of the Bible. 


We bear witness to the fact that Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah; the Anointed One, is the Living Son of God.  Through the example of Jesus/Yeshua, we here at the Church of the Rock aspire towards unconditional love, repentance, baptizing, prayer, hope, joy, forgiveness, understanding, peace, mercy, kindness, meditation, feeding the hungry and clothing those in need. 


The Church of the Rock also supports and believes the Ten Commandments as given by and from God.  We believe that God creates all souls/people, being therefore equal regardless of race, creed, religious belief, origins and backgrounds.