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Welcome, and thank you for visiting The Church of the Rock online.  We would like to invite you to attend our Sunday Services.  Everyone is welcome at our Church.

Our Service Programs


The Church of the Rock Food Pantry

'Coats of Many Colors'

Clothing Program

Prayer Request

Backpacks for the Homeless

Quilters and Crafter Group

'Shop for a Purpose' Ebay Store

Statement of Faith and Mission


We the people of the Church of the Rock united within a faith based community, baptized into Jesus Christ, formed by word and sacrament, and empowered by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek to be a visible sign of God’s love. 

Sunday Services


Sunday Morning services are at 11:00 AM.  Doors open at 10:15am


Sunday School begins at 11:00am for children between the ages of 5 to 11 years old.

Crying Room Available 

Coffee and Donuts before Sunday Services at 10:15am until 10:45am

Spiritual Studies is held on Weds. evenings at 7:15pm until 9:00pm 

The Church of the Rock

903 6th Street North

Nampa, Idaho 83687 


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This Month's Quote & Bible Verses

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(James 2:18) 18 I can already hear one of you agreeing by saying, "Sounds good. You take care of the faith department, I'll handle the works department." Not so fast. You can no more show me your works apart from your faith than I can show you my faith apart from my works. Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove.


(Jeremiah 29:11-14) 11 I say this because I know the plans that I have for you." This message is from the LORD. "I have good plans for you. I don't plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future. 12  Then you will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13  You will search for me, and when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me. 14  I will let you find me." This message is from the LORD.

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